Best pizza joints in the United States

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best pizza joints in the United States

According to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the Italian group that promotes and certifies Neapolitan pizza, there are only two truly authentic styles of pizza: marinara and Margherita. Both have to be hand-kneaded and baked in a wood-fired oven.

While this may be true in Italy still, ever since Italian immigrants have graced our shores in the 19th century, pizza in the United States has adapted and evolved (much like America herself!). Whether you love the old school pizza styles or are on board for the new wave pizza joints, there’s a little something for everyone to love on this list. So, read on for the best pizza joints in the United States! (more…)

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Dublin Delivers

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Dublin Walk

Few things go together quite like a comfy hotel room and fresh, hot pizza brought direct to your chamber door. After a big day, shoes come off, TV goes on, mini-fridge swings open, and soon after, the hunger hits. Most days of travel demand a foray into the local restaurant and cafe scene, but every good traveler deserves a night off. When your dream Dublin vacation arrives at this impasse, fear not, this fine Irish city has plenty of pies to deliver on the fly. (more…)

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Bomb Beirut Burgers: Because Burgers are Pizza’s Cousin

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Beirut Burgers

When you’re in Beirut, you probably don’t immediately think “burgers!” but there are some totally decent joints where you can get a decent bite if you know where to look. (more…)

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Top 5 Templepatrick Hotels for Work and Play

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templepatrick hotels

Ireland has long been a country steeped in mystery and mysticism. Its dark green fields and ancient buildings pulsate with tradition, helping to keep the spirit of the country alive and well. Templepatrick, a small village located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, is just one of the magical areas that exude both charm and elegance. Most Templepatrick Hotels reflect these qualities, helping to make their guests feel enchanted and comfortable during their stay. (more…)

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Beirut-iful Pizza Man’oushe

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A pizza without cheese? Unfathomable! But it’s often the case with the man’oushe, the traditional Lebanese pizza that emerges from ovens across the coastal Middle Eastern region. What man’oushe (variously known as manakish, manaqish or manaeesh) sometimes lacks in cheesy goodness it makes up for with a sensuous selection of toppings and ingredients. Herbs and spices, the hallmarks of Middle Eastern food, characterize the man’oushe. (more…)

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The Food Lover’s Guide to Pizza in Yaounde, Cameroon

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pizza in Yaounde cameroon

The colorful city of Yaounde lives up to its reputation as the Cameroon’s capital in more ways than one. It is the hub of the country’s culture with museums that preserve its traditional arts and crafts. Apart from other attractions, the city is home to an assortment of restaurants and nightclubs, so you can enjoy a wonderful pizza in Yaounde and have a great night. (more…)

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Bargain Pizza in Belfast and Other Affordable Appetite Quenchers

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Belfast Restaurants

Belfast is one city where you won’t find it difficult to find places to eat just about anything from a snack to a full meal under £10. There’s a whole lot going on in Belfast to cater to every budget, so it doesn’t really matter if you need to tighten the strings. (more…)

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Delicious Vegetarian Meals in Liverpool

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Vegeterian Dining in Liverpool

Finding good places to eat at while traveling can be challenging, luckily there is always pizza. No matter where you travel on this green earth pizza will be there. For vegetarians this is great, because pizza is a non-meat eater’s best friend. But sometimes, on the very rare occassion, you might get tired of pizza. And that’s where our list of Vegetarian places to eat comes in. So take a vegetarian meal off and then get right back to that pizza. (more…)

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Don’t be an idiota: eat pizza in Rome

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pizza in Rome, pizza flag

When you think of pizza, you think of Italy. While some people have allegiances to Naples or Sicily when it comes to pizza, Rome has some absolutely killer pizza pies. I mean, you’re in the capital of Italy. What are you gonna do – NOT eat pizza? Fughet ‘bout it! Of course you are. So, read on to learn all about dining on pizza in Rome. (more…)

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What Makes Frank Pepe New Haven Pizza so Special

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frank pepe pizzaria

Pizza lovers of the world, if you haven’t been to Connecticut for pizza then you haven’t lived. Yes, I said that correctly. The nutmeg state is the home of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – arguably the best pizza in the world. (more…)

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